BW4PC Chaplain Rev Dr. Barbara Reynolds Inducted into Morehouse Chapel Board of Preachers

Rev Reynolds

On Wednesday, April 2, 2014, BW4PC Chaplain Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds was Inducted into the Board of Preachers, Martin Luther King International Chapel, at Morehouse College. This is a special honor for a woman Faith Leader.

Photo left to right: Rev. Keith Magee, Inductee Rev Dr Barbara Reynolds, Inductee and Lawrence Carter, Dean Morehouse Chapel.  

Kayla Hicks at Black Women’s Roundtable Women’s Empowerment Conference

Kayla A. Hicks, Regional Organizing Director, Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws

Kayla Hicks represented BW4PC at Black Women's
Roundtable Women's Empowerment Conference, Arlington, VA

Kayla A. Hicks, Regional Organizing Director, Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws
Rev. Marcia Dyson, Founder & CEO, Women's Global Initiative and M&M Dyson, LLC.
Debra Speed, Dir. for Public Policy & Strategic Alliances at Verizon Communications, a Dow Jones 30 Company
Dr. Mary E. Ivey, President & CEO Maine Ave. Ministries and Author

White House Screening of Lifetime Television’s, “Trip to Bountiful”

Ruth Marshall, Stephanie Myers, Karen Portman, Barbara Reynolds, Joycelyn Daniels.

Representatives of BW4PC attended White House Screening of Lifetime Television's, "Trip to Bountiful" with Cecily Tyson, Blair Underwood, and Vanessa Williams. First Lady Michelle Obama and White House Associate Director of Public Engagement Heather Foster led discussion following film.

In Photo Joycelyn Daniels, Barbara Reynolds, Karen Portman, Stephanie Myers, and Ruth Marshall

Networkers attend French White House Event

White House France WelcomeStephanie Myers, Ruth Marshall, Sandy Henderson, Michael Carter, Rhonda Glen, Erin Gormley and Erin's son, went to the White House to welcome French President Francois Hollande. While a few didn't make it through the entire event due to cold, others had a great time!

Rhonda Glen, BW4PC/Maryland says, "The State Arrival Ceremony for Francois Hollande, President of a France, was a really enjoyable and memorable White House event! It was definitely cold, but it was a crisp and sunny day which provided a beautiful backdrop to the display of patriotism, diplomacy and hospitality which encompassed the hour-long ceremony. To the… Continue reading

Champion of African American History: Carter G. Woodson

Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett

Posted by Valerie Jarrett on February 05, 2014 at 06:12 PM EST  
Ed. Note: This is cross-posted from the Huffington Post  to the Whitehouse Blog

In the fall of 1870, a handful of students made their way through the northwest quadrant of the nation's capital, and through the doors of D.C.'s "Preparatory High School for Colored Youth," the country's first public high school for African American children. There, in the shadow of the American Civil War, and dawned with the spark of reconstruction, a converted basement-turned-classroom in the lower floor of Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church bore… Continue reading

BW4PC Bears Witness to White House Presidential Medal of Freedom Event

Medal of freedom

BW4PC Bears Witness to White House Presidential Medal of Freedom Event

By Karen L. Carrington, Co-Chair, Events & Merchandise Committee and Associate Editor, Black Women for Positive Change Blog  

On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, our network Black Women for Positive Change, was present at the White House to witness history as President Barack Obama presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to a diverse group of 16 recipients. This highest American Civilian honor was given to iconic TV personality Oprah Winfrey, Former President Bill Clinton, Retired Chicago Cubs Baseball Great and Hall of Famer Ernie Banks, celebrated civil rights activist Rev. C. T. Vivian along… Continue reading

Non-Violence Event, “Let the Healing Begin”, in Pittsburgh, PA

Net 10 

On Sunday, September 29, 2013, there was a Non-Violence Event, "Let the Healing Begin", in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at St. James AME Church.
Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak, Rev. Rodrecus Johnson, Sr. Pastor AME Church, Attorney Crawford, and seated Rev. Maureen Cross-Bolden


Mayor Chris Beutler of Lincoln, Nebraska issue Proclamation

net8In Lincoln, Nebraska Mayor Chris Beutler designated Thursday, August 22 as a Day of Non-Violence. "Violence disproportionately affects the lives of people of color across America,” said Jareldine Mays, president of the Lincoln NAACP. “We stand with Black Women for Positive Change in calling for a National Day of Non-Violence and urge government and non-government organizations to continue the work to end violence in our communities."

National Summit on Non-Violence Videos Filmed Thursday, August 22, 2013, Washington, DC. "Day of Non-Violence"

Discussion 1 "Adapting Dr. Kings Nonviolence Concepts"

Discussion 2 "Pain and Cost of Violence"

Discussion 3 "Impact of Violence from the Entertainment Industry"

Discussion 4 "Applying Conflict Resolution Methods to Change Behavior"

Interviews by Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, Chaplain/Charter Member, Black Women for Positive Change

Youth Forum - Spoken Word Session

Mayor Vincent Gray presenting a Proclamation from the District of Columbia, to Black Women for Positive Change, to declare the Day of Non-Violence, August 22, 2013.


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Presidential Medal of Freedom


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